Welcome to the Blog on Clara and Wilson McGarvey!

Clara's amniotic sac ruptured on June 7, 2011 when we were 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Ten days later, Clara and Wilson were born. They have already enriched our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined, and we wanted to share those experiences with our friends and family. So sit back and enjoy the read - they are full of excitment and surprises!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


For a week with little sleep, lots of laughs, not very many showers, meals and snacks, a few bottles of wine, an escape to / catch up with my friend Elizabeth, sweeping, Swiffering, cleaning the countertops, naps, strollers, smiles, animal sounds, diapers, toys that make sounds, sleepy eyes, and love...


For great friends that let me stay with them and play with their kids, for their family that welcomes me on Thanksgiving, for friends that let me drive their car to escape to Elizabeth's, for the excitement that this home gives, for how peaceful and boring my house will be when I go home tomorrow...


For friends that are like family, for food, for wine, for laughter, for love, for health, for life...


With love,

The Little Things

If you see Clara & Wilson in person, you probably know these things already. But for those of us that don't see them regularly, these are the little things that [I think] make them, them.

Here goes...ladies first.

Clara loves:

  • MUSIC. There is an iPod dock in the kitchen. If you are in the kitchen and the music is not on, she makes sure you know to turn it on. Yesterday when I turned to turn it on, she screamed "yay!" Her favorite song is Superstition by Stevie Wonder. When she dances, she raises her right hand in a kind of fist pump notion. It.is.hysterical.
  • HATS. She repeats "ha" a bazillion times a day and wants to wear a hat pretty much all the time. Any hat will do, she just wants one on her head.
  • THE PHONE. She puts her hand up to her ear and pretends to talk on the phone, whether you are or not. 
  • GIRLY STUFF. Pink, Auntie CT's necklace, other jewelry, anything that is girly.

Wilson loves: 
  • CHARMING YOU. He will smile really big, say hi from the back of his throat, and charm you like there's no tomorrow.
  • USING HIS HANDS. Specifically to ask for more food when he wants it (or push away food when he doesn't want it). He also puts up the "I don't know" hands. The other day they were in their eating seats and Clara was causing some ruckus. I asked Wilson what she wanted, and as if on cue, he put up his "I don't know" hands. Of course I started cracking up. 
  • MOVING FAST. Seriously the boy is so fast. He walks like he's in a race, he goes from one toy to the next, or from eating something to putting his hand into something else.
  • SHOWING YOU HOW SMART HE IS. The other day we were in the playroom and I was lying down. He pushed my head up, then my arm up because he wanted me to sit up. Then he took my hand and made me start clapping. When I was done clapping he wanted me to play the drum, so he made me do that. All of this, of course, is done with that charming smile on his face.

And those are The Little Things about Clara & Wilson.

With love,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh Wednesday...

Here's how this went. I slept late (see previous posts about how I sleep a lot). And I felt really bad.

Kids napped.

We went to Whole Foods. Obviously one of my favorite places on earth. CD was off getting milk and eggs while the kids and I took our time examining the eye creams in the body section. Then we meandered over to the bars (as in the kind you eat, not the kind that serve alcohol) to load up on Banana Bread LARABARS because my Trader Joe's doesn't have that kind and they are my fave. While deciding if I were going to buy a few or a whole box, a man told me that he has 20-year-old twins and they are best of friends. I talked to the man and kind of pretended that C&W were mine. Whoops.

We came home and ate lunch, and then the kids had story time, color time, music time.

Reading their new book from Mimi and Mac 

Music time on his own piano

Guess he needs both pianos to play! 

A great concert

So then they nap and I ask CD, "what do you want me to do?" Although I wanted her to say "take a nap!", I should have known what she would really say: pick up. The playroom, the kitchen, the floors, basically anywhere two little ones have been!

That's all she wrote for right now.

A Tuesday Fail

It's true, I fell asleep just now. The good news is that the kids were also asleep.

But now everyone is awake and I'm attempting to squeeze in a post about yesterday. Because (guess what?) I was too tired to do it last night. Evidently I sleep a lot.

So Tuesday...

The morning was normal, and then, as CD mentioned, she had to go to work for two hours. I asked her, "What is the worst thing that could happen during this time?" She said, "Someone would bust their head open and have to go to the hospital." I thought I could avoid this.

Especially if they were contained. So a walk it was. As we were leaving the driveway, CD said "Don't let her fall asleep - her eyes are heavy." [Her being Clara.] I said, "What do I do if she falls asleep?" CD said, "Don't let that happen." And we were off in the double BOB. Well guess how that turned out?

Fail, CT, FAIL.

But at least no one busted their head open, and we were sufficiently exercised and lunched by the time CD got home from work. WHEW.

Speaking of lunch, my instructions were: white chicken chili and milk first, then a banana and a roll with butter. Not only did they eat all of the white chicken chili CD thought they would, but they were nearly jumping out of their chairs when I brought the banana from the fruit bowl to the cutting board. I LOVE that they get so excited about fruit and eat it right up. Then I gave them the roll with butter. Wilson scraped his butter off and then one of them dropped part of their roll on the ground. This is them looking down at it. Cracks me up!

Some other highlights of Wednesday...

Color time! (Commonly confused with eat-the-crayons-time!)

Story time with Auntie CT while Mom got ready for work

After the afternoon nap. I love how blue her eyes are here! So beautiful.

A rare moment of Wilson not moving...snuggle time with Auntie CT and I LOOOOVED it! 

On top of all that excitement, Mimi and Uncle Dave came over for dinner: homemade pizzas and wine. Only three had wine, though. Bet you can guess the guilty three. 

I think that's about it from yesterday. But don't worry - I have more great stuff coming. 

Be back soon,

Don't tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead

Don't be fooled by CT's blog posts. This my friend, is reality. Sweet dreams ...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home Alone

I just left CT at home with Clara and Wilson to go into work for a meeting. I hope everyone is alive when I get home!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Backing Up

In case you were not following the blog last year at this time, thought I would take a step back to explain what is going on here.

I am CT. CD, Morgan and I went to college together. CD and I were Morgan's boss in college. Then they started dating. And she moved to Louisville. Then they got engaged and married. Then I moved to Louisville. Then I lived with them for a few months. Then I moved to Chicago. Then Clara and Wilson arrived. A little early. I came here last year at Thanksgiving time to meet the kids and hopefully help (all of my previous posts can be found here). And now I'm back.

And that's what's going on.

I just poured another glass of wine so I think I'll try a second post tonight. Here are some other things that have happened since I landed late last night.

Today we went to Huber's (kind of like Eckert's in St. Louis) and the family farm is now closed on weekdays. Instead of seeing a whole farm of animals, we saw some ducks and said QUACK more times than I ever have in my whole life combined, shopped in the farm market, got ice cream, and Clara screamed in the winery.

We walked the double BOB (that thing is a machine) to the grocery store today.

I saw the week's meal plan on the countertop and asked if that were the kid's meal plan or our meal plan. CD said "well, both [long pause] but you don't have to eat the snacks." I told her I was really looking forward to three bites of cheese + a kiwi on Wednesday morning.

Tonight we were upstairs about ready to start bath time and I neglected to close the door that goes down the stairs. CD says to me [nicely but urgently]: make sure he doesn't go down the stairs! I'm thinking OH SHIT. Then I realize I have a glass of red wine in my left hand. So I'm trying to save the wine, save the carpet, and save the child in a matter of seconds. And I did it! Small victory.

There has been more laughter tonight than I can possibly describe or recreate.

Photo time...

Evidence that having kids changes things. This used to be the TV room. Then it was the office. 
Now it is the playroom. 

Hi beautiful girl.

Now I'm really going to bed,

I'm Baaaaaack!

Much to Morgan's dismay, I am back in town and have resumed residence in the guest room. That means I've also resumed control of the blog. YESSSSSS!

I've been here for approximately 20 hours and I don't even know where to start with this post. Probably because I'm so tired. So I think I will start with my scrolling internal monologue today.

  1. Holy cow these kids are so big! I mean I see them on FaceTime but they are little people!
  2. They are B.U.S.Y. DO THEY EVER STOP MOVING???
  3. Is it naptime yet?
  4. Is it too early to start drinking?
  5. Will drinking give me energy or make me more tired?
  6. Are they up from the nap already? 
  7. Don't they want to sleep longer? 
  8. How do CD and Morgan do this over. And over. And over. 
  9. How often do CD and Morgan have to clean? 
  10. I am so glad CD takes the time to give the kids whole foods and not crappy processed foods.
  11. I cannot believe, in the midst of everything else she has to do, CD made homemade play doh this morning. IS SHE SUPERWOMAN OR SOMETHING??
  12. Thank God for FaceTime. Today they saw Mimi, Uncle Dave, Mac, my aunt Cheryl, and my parents (Mama T and Clark).
  13. I can't believe CD and Morgan have two kids. This is crazy.
  14. Could Clara be any more beautiful? Those eyes and that smile!
  15. I still want Wilson's eyelashes and his big eyes! So handsome.
  16. This is like a small ship. If this were my ship, I would need a dozen seamen. Somehow they do it with the two of them + Michelle.
  17. Michelle must be exploding with patience and energy. God bless her.
  18. I can't believe I'm back here.
  19. I can't wait until it's time to go to bed.
  20. This is crazy awesome.

Ariel view of dinner tonight: spaghetti and broccoli

I'm off to bed,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Looking Back

Ummmm . . . so, how are you? Oh, I guess it has been a while since we last spoke. Really, over two months? Wow, I guess it just doesn't seem like that long ago. Well don't worry, I mean really, what all could happen in a few short months? Oh, that Wilson started walking . . . and we celebrated having them home for a year . . . and Halloween . . . and one year check-ups and, ok, you're right we probably should have posted something. To make matters worse, we started several blog entries but never got around to finishing/posting them.
This is what happens when we say "look back"
Today we have extra incentive to report Clara's and Wilson's recent adventures. Our good friend, Christen Terry ("CT"), arrives tonight and will be here through Thanksgiving. You might remember CT from her visit last year. Not only is she a dear friend, but she is the queen of social media and, as she did during her previous visit, will probably want to use this space to write about her time with Clara and Wilson. Since we don't want to be worse parents for Clara and Wilson than our single friend who lives in Chicago Accordingly, we feel compelled to bring everyone up to speed on Clara's and Wilson's development. Starting with their most recent activity, below are some of the things we should have posted over the past couple of months.

Growing Pains - November 17, 2012

Clara and Wilson get bigger and stronger every day. We constantly rejoice in their progress but, as with any babies/toddlers, their natural progression has its consequences . . .

Wilson's feet got in front of him and he did a face plant into
the corner of the door. After consoling him we engaged in a time-honored
McGarvey family tradition and took embarrassing pictures.

"Hehe, nothing to see here! And ignore
all those dishes on the floor."

"They'll never notice me . . . ."

Wilson is the Ricky Bobby of the baby slide:
"I wanna go fast!"
We finally had to move the baby monitor system and clock radio
to higher ground.

Even Mimi and Mac have taken drastic baby-proofing measures.
Nothing says "stay outta our stuff" like their self-made baby guard.
Now that's Kentucky proud.

Happy Halloween - October 31, 2012

Last year Clara and Wilson had barely been home from the hospital for a month and were on house arrest for Halloween. This year we were able to dress them and take them trick-or-treating for the first time.

Morgan came up with the idea for the costumes but Chris
did all the work and actually made them. Hey, every relationship needs
an "idea guy."

Clara and Wilson went as the chicken and the egg. We walked to two houses close to ours
before hitting the road.

And Clara was excited to show off her costume!

We stopped  by Ellie's and Ian's house.

And ended the night at Mimi and Mac's house. Dad came to the door and,
when he saw who it was, joyfully shouted "it's ours!"

The Chicken finally had to go home but we think she is already excited
about dressing up next year.

First Year Final Exams - October 24, 2012

On October 24th we had possibly our most important doctor's visit to date. Clara and Wilson met with the developmental psychologist and, for the first time, were evaluated for cognitive skills.

We were surprisingly apprehensive while walking down the hall from the "normal" doctor to the developmental psychologist. Regardless of the report, we were about to receive our first official opinion of how Clara and Wilson were progressing mentally.  

Wilson was the first to be "tested." He sat down with the doctor and she encouraged him to pick up sticks and place them upright into holes along a flat board. We sat behind him and have never been more nervous. He didn't make it the first try and we were on the edge of our seats. It was all I could do to keep from standing up and shouting "are those pegs regulation size!?!" Although it was agonizing at first, Wilson began to enjoy himself and did really well. Clara was up next and used this as an opportunity to show off. She was doing things we had no idea she could do.

That's exactly what we wanted the developmental psychologist
to see Wilson doing. Yep, he is our child! 

It might look like they're in prison, but we prefer to believe Wilson had some
encouraging words for Clara before she was tested.
All in all, the prognosis was good and further affirmed what we we've seen at home; Clara and Wilson are doing better than we ever thought possible. The doctors officially ruled out the possibility of cerebral palsy and several other potentially severe mental challenges. Most importantly, Clara and Wilson are right on track, if not slightly advanced, for their corrected age. The doctors are optimistic they will be completely caught up by the time they are three or four years old.

We know this first round of tests is just that - the first in a series of guideposts to let us know how Clara and Wilson are developing. However, we are thrilled with the result and will continue doing all we can to help them beat the odds. At least today, one more time, our prayers were answered.

Fall 2012

What you don't see is both of us standing behind our friend
doing everything in our power to get them to look in the same direction and smile.

Without the concerted effort mentioned in the caption above,
you get a trip to the pumpkin patch and not a single picture of
both kids looking at the camera at the same time.

We took a picnic dinner to Big Rock during Highlands Week
and Wilson was only interested in feeding us.

We were able to take the kids to Family Day at Yum this year.

Wilson and Clara playing with their friend Jackson.

The Fab Four, Part II - September 24, 2012

One year ago today we brought Clara home from the hospital. This is the date the doctors use for their corrected "birthday" and it is the date we will always remember for our family being together for the first time. We didn't have a parade this year but we're just as happy.

This isn't such a bad picture for using the self timer button setting on the camera.

Walk This Way - September 22, 2012

Wilson started walking today. He has been taking a few little steps for a while but he finally put it all together. We don't have pictures, but Chris was able to capture the event on video on her phone.

Say Goodbye to Our Breast Friend - September 14, 2012

The pump received an award at the end of its tour of duty
After 15 months it is time to bid adieu to pumping. We use Clara's and Wilson's corrected age for most of their developmental milestones, including what and how they eat. As we officially approach their one year "corrected" age, the doctors have finally given Chris the green light to put away the breast pump! Although it might only feel like a year to Clara and Wilson, Chris has been pumping like a champ for 15 months. This pump has been used in the car, at work, at people's houses, even in an occasional public restroom. Not only was this no ordinary pumper, this was no ordinary pump. There are hospital grade pumps and then there is the industrial strength hemi-powered pump Chris used. This thing was built for speed instead of comfort and you could hear the motor whirring in the other room. But that's all behind us. No more pump, no more pump parts, and no more bottles!